What’s this? What’s this?

I…really don’t know.
First off, I got this yarn for Gabe’s hat. It’s called “Limelight” by “I Love This Yarn!” — Hobby Lobby. It’s 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn. You can’t wet block it without any sort of results, so you steam block this yarn. Don’t directly apply an iron, because it will burn. Come on, acrylic IS plastic.
It’s this gorgeous lime green. After using it for Gabe, I knew I had to figure out something else to make it into.
The pattern for the stitch can be found here.
I cast on 29 sts, always slip the first stitch knitwise, then always purl the last stitch.
It’s soft. Not as soft as ewe or alpaca per se, but it’s soft for acrylic yarn. If you were to feel it, then feel Red Heart brand, you’d be shocked that they’re both acrylic. I really do love this yarn. Hobby Lobby win.
So, I was going to do a scarf, but this pattern is time consuming. It’s going to take me forever.
And then I remembered. I don’t wear scarves.
So…what do I make this?

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