I figured it out!

Remember that lime green block of knitting I was doing?
If not.
So, I just continued and continued with it, still unknown as to what it was going to be.
It was GOING to be a scarf/cowl type of thing. Like this.
You know, finished, minus the knitting needle, with some cute buttons.
But I decided against it.
This will (soon, hopefully) be a case for my 14″ long knitting needles, and I will have to fashion up some polymer clay buttons for it to close. *squeal* I’m excited to pull out my polymer clay again.
Then, I’m going to (hopefully) knit up another one in a different color for my 10″ long needles. Then figure out some sort of thing for my DPNs and circulars. 
I’m not sure about knitting a case in the same pattern, though. Because this is kinda time consuming…and a pain.

About The Ninja

Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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