The Queso Competition

I’m on the hunt.

I’m scouring the interwebz to find the best cheddar cheese cause for my pretzel nugz. We consistently have blocks of cheese in the house. But never the sauce.


So, I made some pretzel nugz…


First up: Answer Chosen Best Via Yahoo! Answers.

If you want the recipe, please click the link above.
I’m going to show you my in progress photos and then give my final opinion on the sauce at the end.

Alright. There’s no easy way to sugarcoat it.

This sauce wasn’t good.
There was no taste of cheese in it. At all.
Consistency got chunky and disgusting after about 5 minutes.
Won’t make it again. I suggest you never make it. Ever. It’s gross.
Even Kyle hated it. That’s a shock.


About The Ninja

Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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