I’m slacking. For real.
I haven’t been crafting a lot.
I haven’t been trying new meals.
All in all – I’m sucking at life right now. But it’s for a good reason.
My SIL is visiting from California! *squeeee*
There’s a 5 year age difference between the two of us, but I’m just immature enough that it works. And things have been pretty fun. Kyle and I attempted to prank her with saran wrap (NOT on the toilet) and it would’ve worked, if it hadn’t have been for Kyle’s cat. That was a huge disappointment.

And she’s been ordered that she’s not allowed back home without pierced ears.


So then..I just had to make something.

It started innocently enough with this.

It’s a plain 5×7 frame that I painted and glued a plastic grid to. I needed something better than my cardboard box to keep my jewelry in.
And it worked. It kept my earrings in check, but then my necklaces turned into a mass of chain, charms, and the occasional fuzz. And I couldn’t let my SIL deal with that, either.
So she got an 8×10 frame painted in this GORGEOUS metallic silver with a purple grid. The hooks were screwed into the bottom for necklaces and there’s photo mounts on the back for wall hanging.
And, well, I needed one too.
And it had to match our bedroom. Because I’m weird like that.
And I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up making a bajillion more. Or atleast something for my necklaces alone, because I LOVE necklaces. And earrings, though I really can’t wear them right now.
And rings. I need something for my rings.

About The Ninja

Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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