You’re my brown eyed girl.

Hey, where did we go?
Nanu lovins.
Days when the rains came

down in the hallow.

Playin’ a new game.

Laughin’, and a runnin’, hey, hey.

Skippin’ and a jumpin’

in the misty morning fog with

our hearts a thumpin’ and you,

my brown eyed girl.

You’re my brown eyed girl.

My baby girl turns 4 today.
No I don’t know how time stole that one from me.
It seems unfair that she was able to get so big, so fast, considering how traumatic everything was after she was born, but it really opened my eyes to just how much you can take things for granted and how quickly life can slip from you.
I love you, teeny T-Dot. More than all the stars in the sky.
Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.

About The Ninja

Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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