Those mom moments.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately. What do I want to teach my kids? What do I want them to grow up knowing? And what do I teach them on a day-to-day basis? So I’ve compiled a list of things that I expect for my kids to grow and understand, along with little tidbits that I’ve had to teach them, which is pretty much stuff that I never thought I’d have to say in my life.

And so, it begins.


Things I Expect My Kids To KNOW As They Get Older
1. “Please” and “thank you” are not magic words. They are expected words, and there’s a big difference. There is no reason to not use manners. Ask for things politely, and thank someone sincerely afterwards.
2. Holding the door for someone is NOT an inconvenience for you. It is something nice to do for someone else. It’s a way of paying it forward. You could turn a whole person’s day around by doing so.
3. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, it’s their loss. Unless you’re someone like Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy.
4. Beauty is not just a physical attribute. A person could be very beautiful on the outside, but horrifically ugly on the inside. This is why we should always try to be the best person we can be on the inside. It’s reflected in our outward appearance.
5. The Golden Rule is something so many people seem to forget, but you should always try to remember it. Despite how someone treats you, you should always try to be good to them.
6. Respect isn’t a right. You should not expect respect from everyone if you do not respect them (see #5). You should also not feel obligated to respect someone if they refuse to respect you.
7. You will meet many different people in your life. Some are just eccentric and outgoing. Others may have differences in their mind that they have no control over (these people are not “special” or “disabled”, they JUST SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY). Just because you may be different does not give you a reason to poke fun at them, or judge them. Don’t be an ignorant fool.
8. Never assume that you need a partner in life to make yourself into something. NEVER. You can be strong while independent, and no other person should change that. You don’t need a parter to be someone.
9. You will make mistakes, and that’s okay, as long as you learn from them and don’t hide from them. Mistakes are learning experiences, and you should life your life with no regrets about them. Move forward and be positive that you learned something.
10. Family should always be there for eachother, regardless of your differences. Being a family means unconditional love. Blood relation or not, keep your family close. They will always be an earshot away.

Little Bits Of Wisdom I’ve (Begrudgingly) Had To Share
1. You do not put potatoes in your butt. (Thanks, Gabe.)
2. Daddy does NOT have a vagina. (Thanks, Dot.)
3. Despite what daddy says, the Tooth Fairy does NOT put your baby teeth in spray paint cans. (Thanks, Selena.)
4. Peanut butter cookies need more than just peanuts and butter. (Oh, Riah.)
5. Justin Bieber is NOT real music. (The things Selena comes home talking about.)
6. Just because someone has a dog that looks like ours does NOT mean they took our dog. We shouldn’t yell at them for stealing our animals without full proof evidence. (That was an eventful car ride, Riah.)
7. Just because a person is a bit overweight does not mean they have a baby in their belly. It’s rude to just ask. (Dot, let’s never have to go through that one again.)
8. We should not eat dogs. (Gabriel…I…so many things.)
9. Nanu brings the pain. You better recognize. (Don’t judge us.)

And there you have it. I’m sure there’s more, but currently Gabe is trying to scale the door frames.

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