In like a lion.

I never thought I’d see snow in March. For real. Not in Missouri.

But, I should’ve known after all these years, that if there’s one thing you can’t count on for your life, it’s Missouri weather.

The husband wakes me up at 7am, after getting Selena on the school bus and Gabe taken care of for the initial morning wake up (i.e. changed, breakfast, the works) after staying up all night FINISHING THE BATHROOM FLOOR SO EXCITED so he can sleep through the morning and work all night tonight. Poor guy.

*climbs in bed, shakes me* “Your turn.” – Kyle
“Ugh.” – Me, throwing the blanket over my head
*rips the blanket from my clenched hands* “When you’re upstairs, look outside.” – Kyle
“WHY.” – Me
“….just do it.” – Kyle, as he quickly drifts off to sleep

So I come upstairs, look outside, and BAM. Snow. Not a lot. A couple inches, maybe. But snow, nonetheless. And I love me some snow. So, I begin my morning routine with getting my coffee brewing and..what? I’M ALMOST OUT OF COFFEE. This can’t be happening. However, the coffee gods shined down on me and I had JUST ENOUGH left to brew up 6 cups worth (admittedly, my mugs/tumblers hold about 2 1/2 cups) and I was happy.

The coffee doesn’t leave my side. At all. Not until about noon.

Gabe was/is in a great mood for some reason. I’m okay with that.

So we got cozy on the loveseat, Gabe continued watching some dinosaurs, and I did my most favorite thing to do in the morning.

Sit back, sip coffee, and start a new blog that I discovered from the beginning. Literally. I dig through it until I get to the first ever post and start reading.

Don’t judge me. This is the most relaxing morning I’ve had in a while.

Ohai. The blog I’m reading is Sawdust & Embryos. You should go check them out, too. I can’t believe I only JUST found their blog.


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