Sneak Peek: Our Bathroom Redo

Whew. Breathe, dude. Breathe.

I’m trying to breathe. But I just spent about 3 hours in the bathroom painting. And it hasn’t necessarily been fun. My back is on fire, my hips are killing me, and my neck feels like Gabe’s just hanging off of it.

But it’s so worth it.

After reading through Sawdust And Embryos, I saw their painted backsplashes on their site and Oh. My. God. I needed it to happen in my house. They look incredible. But funds wouldn’t permit to ever have them make the trip here and back to paint a small area in my house. *sigh*

Anyway. After we’ve painted the bathroom and got the floor put in and yadda yadda yadda, we finally removed the terrible wainscoting that took up half of one of the walls. And that wall had this ATROCIOUS flower wallpaper on it. I wish I took a picture of it. It just…no. NO. Why anyone would do that to a wall, I have no idea. But whatever. I removed it easily enough with some vinegar/water and we painted it a flat white. We were going to keep it that way until the loving, caring, smart, intelligent husband decided to tell me…

“It looks unfinished.”

He honestly doesn’t know me at all if he’s willing to let those words slip out of his mouth, but it launched a whole new process I like to lovingly call “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ON THAT SMALL HALF WALL?!” He suggested new wallpaper. Hah, veto. I debated on a few things, quickly vetoing myself and making Kyle assume I’m a schizophrenic that he needed to have committed. Despite all my thinking, the painted backsplashes just kept jumping out in my head.

And I went with it.

From left to right, the colors I got were:
Burnt Umber
Denim Blue
Sea Foam
Trail Tan

Let’s be honest here. I had no idea if these colors would even work well together for this. I just went with it.

And onto taping. Round 1. GO.

Kyle suggested we leave it like this. Hah. Right.

Taping: Round 2. GO.

And THEN Kyle said “Let’s just throw a coat of poly on it and leave it like this! IT’S LIKE YOSHI’S BEDROOM!” Oh. He knows the way to my heart. But no, I had to keep going with this.

3 hours later…

Truth be told, I HATED it when I first started. The first few blocks and I was all “Okay, you know what? We’re just going to end up painting over this.” Kyle kept pushing me, and now I’m glad he did. I LOVE it. And the best part? It’s neutral enough that if/when we plan to sell the house, we can easily paint the walls something neutral to match it and I WON’T HAVE TO GET RID OF ALL THIS HARD WORK THANK GOD. We’re going to go over it with a layer or two of poly to really seal it in, probably within the next few days or so.

Now, Kyle’s making us some fettuccini alfredo for dinner. And getting me a bottle of wine.

God bless that man.


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2 Responses to Sneak Peek: Our Bathroom Redo

  1. How do you achieve the look of not being a solid color? Do you mix some colors together or is it the type of brush and technique you are using? I’d love to try this, but know I would end up with just a solid painted blocks and don’t think I would like it as well as I do yours.

    • The Ninja says:

      Hi there! I used a sponge brush, bought a pack of them for a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby. Then to achieve the mix of colors, I put some paint into a plate and dabbed the sponge in the paint, making sure I had a couple different colors in different areas. Then, to paint it, I just dabbed it on the walls. SUPER easy, but if you’re worried, try testing it on a sheet or two of paper to try and achieve the look you want. 🙂 You can do it! I promise! Just remember, with this, imperfection is pretty key. It doesn’t have to be uniform or professional. Have fun with it!

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