Doin’ The Potty Dance.

My baby. The one who turns 3 in August. My littlest. My itty bitty boy. My ONLY boy.

He’s not such a baby anymore.

No, the past 3 days, we’ve been aboard the potty express with some great strides. Allow me to recap.

Day 1: He screamed. He cried. He kicked. He SAT on the potty, though he didn’t want to, really. You may think this is terrible, horrible, the wrong way to go. But he’s shown interest in using the potty for a while now. He’s consistently told us when we needed to change him, when he’s gone, he’s even had me hold him over the BIG big potty and he’s tried before. But getting him his own seat? Oh no, that was a no go. The first time we put him on the potty, he screamed and cried and then stopped. Out of no where. For about 5 seconds. And then said “Thereyago.” He stood up and, sure enough, he had gone. Just a bit, but enough to get the ball rolling. He ended up using the potty just 3 or 4 times that first day, but it was a start.

Day 2: Still cried and screamed, but not near as much. Used the potty again, just 3 or 4 times. It’s still progress. He’s taken to jumping up and down, clapping afterwards. He’s getting excited about this stuff. REAL excited. Also, he now insists that we ALL look in the potty after he’s gone.

Day 3 (Today): We’re still getting the feel of this, but there’s absolutely no crying. No screams, no fits, just “I wanna go potty!” Hey, I’m SO okay with that. He’s getting the hang of it now, and while he’s still going in his diaper occasionally, he’s trying to use the potty more. He tries. He grunts, hard, when he’s on it. Infact, he told me today his “peepee was broken” when he tried and couldn’t get much out.

I promptly quoted A Very Potter Sequel.

Infact, I’ve quoted A Very Potter Sequel a LOT throughout this process. I don’t know who or what decided to let me have kids. /facepalm

I just can’t believe my little baby is getting all grown up. It doesn’t seem real. At all.

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