Life. It happens.

Dudes, I can’t even right now.

I’ve been working for almost a full month, and I’m trying to find the balance in everything. That, and fighting off a raging case of baby fever. It’s bad, yo.

But here are some things that are happening:

1. The husband and I are planning out a fire pit for our backyard. Eventually, it will include a built in grill, a couple of picnic tables, you get the idea. It’s going to be awesome. Our rule is no work unless it will boost the value to our home. (And, uh, we need to do a lot of work.)

2. I’m randomly looking for things to redo in the house to no avail. And it stinks. I need to do something. My fingers are itching.

3. Finding the balance between working and being at home is a tough transition for me. I’m learning that I need to give up some control that I used to have. This isn’t good for me.

This is a quick one, I know. But I have another blog to be posted eventually comparing my life as a SAHM and a working person. I’m still trying to find a way to lay it all out. And I SO wish I could share some of the photos I’ve taken for work. I can’t even try to lie about it, some of them I’m pretty proud of. 

And now? Now I need to do dishes. And laundry. And find something to make. Desperately.

About The Ninja

Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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