The Great Mom Debate.

Heh. You have an idea of what this is about, yes?


No. Not this time. This one, it’s one that people just seem to let slide. But it’s still almost a power struggle unspoken between moms. Yeah, no words, just the side eyes and passive aggressive remarks. You know. The usual.

But, my friends and followers, I’ve reached the median. I can now talk about the shade of green the grass is on both sides.

Let me tell you, they’re the same damn shade of green no matter how you look at it.

Working moms v. Stay At Home moms. Ready? GO.

I did the working mom thing for years. YEARS. Albeit, it wasn’t necessarily on my terms, but I did it. And then when it was on my terms? I sporadically began looking for a job. I found two that I was hired for, both via Craigslist (don’t judge). Both were photographing for companies. I’m loving it.

And, yeah, I know you’re not interested in any of that. I know you guys are like the kids in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy asking a computer for an answer. I get it. But, please, hear me out.

The SAHM thing? I loved it. I loved hanging with the kids, doing laundry or dishes on my time, everything was so chill and..easy, I guess, but not in a “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EASY A FLY COULD DO IT” sort of way. But, hot damn, I was bored. Yeah, there were things I COULD’VE done. Have you ever tried to get a toddler and a kid who’s straddling the big kid/bigger kid line to do something well together? Eh? Eh? It’s hard. Extremely hard. And that left me unforgivably bored.

So I start working for First Day Photo, and it’s a LOT of info to take in at once. You’d think I’d be good at that sort of thing, which I kind of am. I picked up fairly fast, if I do say so myself. They worked my schedule around the husband’s so that one of us is always at home with the kids. That’s nice. Not a lot of jobs out there would be so accommodating. They deserve some candy canes. “FOUR FOR YOU, FIRST DAY PHOTO! YOU GO, FIRST DAY PHOTO!…andnoneforsearsportraitstudioBYE.”

I’ve been working for a month now. I work on the L&D floor of a local hospital. I get coated in fresh baby smell. I see tiny, itty, bitty newbies all day. I get to take their photos. I get to edit them. I get to do something that I enjoy for ME.

So, who has it easier?



And that’s the God’s honest truth.

When I stayed at home, there was always something coming up that I had to get taken care of. While I work, I’m almost wishing I was home to laugh with the kids. When I stayed home, I got to play games with my kids. While I work, I get to sniff newbies. I don’t even know where the real argument is, here. If I had to pick, I’m talking gun to my head CHOOSE NOW pick, which was easier? I’d say SAHM. No doubt. I get home from work and I’m bombarded by kids who miss me and a husband who, while he’s an excellent father, still seems a little frazzled and is trying to find his way in everything. I come home to laundry that has to be done, dishes that I might do, dinner to cook, etc. I still have the responsibilities of a SAHM. I just bring some extra cash into the house now.

So, the moral of this verbal puke is simple:
Moms, why in the Hell do you feel the need to justify who is better? Am I less of a mom now that I don’t stay at home? Was I less of a mom staying at home being bored out of my mind trying to appease kids?

Let’s face it, guys. No one wins this match. Except for me. Because I get to take photos of newbies and smell them and make monies and I don’t even care if that makes me less of a mom. Who knows. Maybe the girls will be able to look up to me for it some day. “Mom worked, mom made her money to spend with daddy, mom helped contribute, the man shouldn’t be the only one working because WHY.”

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