H’okay. So. Life. It’s happening. And it’s happening at a rapid pace that makes me not even able to think straight. Most days, I wake up, roll over, and yell “I DON’T WANT TO LIFE TODAY.” It happens. But anywho.

Working at the hospital about 6 weeks ago, I walked into a room to talk to this couple that had a new baby, their 5th. A little adorable girl that I wanted to squeeze and hug and…well, that’s kind of typical. Me and babies, we’re made for each other. So, me and the parents start talking and..well…

So, we friended each other on Facebook and we get a peek into the stalkerish lives that Facebook allows. It’s all great and happy and then I get a message asking if I can photograph a concert for the band, Consumed, that the pops (we’ll call him Bacon) manages. I said yes.

Instantly, I pretty much regretted the decision.

See, I’ve never shot a concert. I’ve photographed my kids, and a few other kids, buuuuuut I’m pretty limited. I have very little experience, and I’m upfront about that. But they were all okay with it. And I appreciate the crap outta that.

So, here’s my first time ever shooting a concert. And for my first time, I’m pretty okay with the outcome.

Consumed Consumed Consumed Anthem Lights Anthem Lights Anthem Lights

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