It’s finished! *squee*

There’s been a project in the long works in the house. It’s literally been the better part of 2 months or so before we finally got it done. But it’s finally finished. *happy dance*

Here’s our sofa table. We got it for free via Craigslist *SCORE* and it was always okay. It was never really us, but hey, it was FREE. Come on, now. Priorities.

Anywho, here’s how it looked in our living room.

See what I mean? Everything’s already so neutral. We needed a good statement piece, and the table just SCREAMED “DO ME!” … -insert schoolgirlesque giggles-

So, after many, MAN hours of stripping the laquer, sanding, painting, sealing, sanding and repainting after the first seal left white patches all over the place, getting a new bottom board cut, realizing it was cut wrong and having to recut it a few times, it’s FINALLY finished and in our house.

And it’s beautiful.

Yes, I realize the photo is pretty yellow. Yes, I realize there’s empty slots in the photo frames.



This little girl is SEVEN today! When the eff did that happen?!

Happy birthday, Selena! You’ve come SO far, and your journey isn’t even started. We’re SO proud of you baby girl!

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