Kids, bows, and life.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! The husband and I were empty nesters for the day, as all the kids went off in different directions with different family members. It was lonely and awkward, but nice that we were able to enjoy things without the usual freak out of “WHERE’S _____?” We got to see our local car show, bar-b-q with some friends, and watched the fireworks.


Now, we have 1 kiddo back and are anxiously waiting for the remaining 3 to come back this afternoon. We have a lot to prepare for during the rest of this summer, one taking the highest priority. The kids would argue it’s our trip to the zoo, but for me? It’s our family photo.

The last family photo we did was when Gabe was only a few months old. We’re overdue. Gabe and daddy have their shirts, I have my outfit, and the girls all have matching dresses because YES I’M THAT PARENT. I also decided to get a little crafty and made them hair bows to match their dresses.

It felt SO good making these. I haven’t made bows in a while, and by while, I mean years. It’s also been a long time since I’ve done something solely for me and what I wanted to do. It’s like lately I’m doing everything for everyone else. It’s exhausting.

Anywho. I hope your holiday weekend was filled with family, friends, food, and fire!


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