Here’s the long and skinny.

My last update here was in November. Of 2014. And it’s now 2015, and I don’t have squat on here.

Unacceptable? Maybe.

In my last post, I mentioned how my job went nuts. And it seriously did. There was a lot of pressure on me to be there at every moment that I could. It was stressful, and as much as I loved it, it took a lot out of me.

And then my laptop bit the dust and everything blew up. And I mean blew up.

See, without my laptop, I was running out of options on how to edit/show photos at work. I was having to try and troubleshoot how to upload photos to the company’s server. It was as if I was hitting roadblock after roadblock, with no real sunshine over the next hill. And it was all on me because I was the only one there.

I cracked. I cracked so hard, and most people didn’t even realize it. I just silently drifted away from everything, because the idea of having to handle just one more thing was like adding another weight to my body while I was trying to float in the ocean, holding on to anything for dear life.

I’ve since left that job. I left it sometime in March. And life hasn’t slowed down. There’s been a lot of major changes, but the biggest one is the husband got a new job. And we’re relocating.

Halfway across the country.

And, please believe, it’s for all the right reasons. It’s a blessing in the biggest way possible. But it’s also terrifying, stressful, and just…a lot of words/emotions I still have a hard time getting out. But we manage.

So, I probably still won’t be updating all that much. But with me not having a JOB job at the moment, there’s a chance there will be more updates. You never know.

Keep the positive thoughts coming at us, though, because I desperately need them.


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Mother, wife, pet owner, ninja.
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