Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo! Welcome to my blog! Clearly, something on here struck your interest. That’s cool. I like that. Good form.


I know a lot of people have GOT to be like me, and that means they’re nosy. They like to know a bit about the people posting stuff. It’s all in good fun. I enjoy it way too much. So, now it’s my turn to give you an insider look at me, The Ninja.

So, first thing’s first. My name is Rachel. I’m 1/2 South Korean-1/2 Mutt (i.e. my white side is extremely diverse). I’ve been into making things ever since I could remember. I love all things arts and crafts. I taught myself (with my mom’s help) how to knit when I was in about 7th grade. I began crocheting around the summer of 2012. I also like to play with polymer clay, resin, paint, and..well..everything.

I’m the mother to 4 beautiful kids, and no, I didn’t steal the dark blonde, blue-eyed beauty that I post photos of. No, she’s technically my step-daughter. All of my kids are extremely unique, to put it lightly. It’s almost scary how different they all are.

Because of these kids, I may or may not go overboard on the photos I take of them. That’s the dream, to photograph for a living. I’m no where near up to a professional level, though. So I practice. I try, over and over, and attempt to learn, just like with anything else. I’m a research hoarder. I LOVE soaking up whatever useless and useful knowledge I can.

I’m an all around weird person. If you’ve seen the movie Wanderlust, you could compare me to Jennifer Aniston’s character, always trying to “fly” with some new idea in her head. You know, minus the free love aspect (though, if that’s your forte, go for it!). My poor husband, he handles everything with a smile on his face and huge support in what I want to do next. Whattaman, huh?


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