The Ninja’s Life

Wow. Where do I begin this? Hmm.

I grew up in Pennsylvania. (In west Philadelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spend most of my days. No, not really. But close to Phillie.) Made the move to Missouri when I was in 5th grade and never went back, really. I miss it. I’ll always be a northern girl.

Even when I was younger and living in Pennsylvania, I was constantly making something, drawing something, painting, etc. When we (my parents and I) made the move to Missouri, we lived in a secluded house with no real neighbors around. No kids, in the woods, away from everything. It was at the beginning of summer vacation. I was “alone”, a lot. That’s when trying to find stuff to do really kicked in. I had one of those little $20 plastic pottery wheels, I still drew, I just kept trying to find stuff to do. As I got older, I stopped doing a lot of it, though.

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first little girl, and married a few months after I found out. Yes, it was a mistake. No, I don’t regret it. I was married to that guy for 3 years, and things were never great. 2 beautiful little girls later, we were divorced. I learned a lot in those 3 years, but one thing was certain- I lost myself somewhere in there.

My husband, Kyle, and I had actually met in high school. We dated briefly, but were better off friends. This time around, though, things worked. I married my high school sweetheart. We have a son together, and through him I have an amazing step-daughter. Things weren’t/aren’t always amazing and perfect, but we do well together. I’ve had multiple people tell me that they just enjoy watching him and I react with eachother. Apparently it’s a “you move, I move” sort of thing.

Now, we still reside in Missouri. Atleast, for the time being. Who knows what the future holds for us.


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