Okay, so, let’s just get all this out there and out of the way.
I try to give all credit where it’s due. If I fail to credit you, please let me know so I can.
The recipes I post are ones that I’ve used for a while or found randomly. I try to site them as much as possible, but sometimes I lose track of things (or my Safari closes on me randomly). I apologize in advance if this case pertains to you.
The photos on my blog have all been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I don’t watermark them because I think it kind of ruins the photo. Please, respect me by not stealing my photos and claiming them to be your own. I understand that sometimes you just can’t site a photo, and that’s okay. If I come across a photo you post that is mine, I’ll e-mail you. If I don’t get a response or you’re clearly trying to claim the photo as yourself, it won’t be nice.

If I post a photo of something I make, I always try to post the link to the pattern. If I have a pattern on here that I’ve made myself, then that means I worked on it myself without any pattern.

At the end of the day, the world is filled with millions of people. It’s hard to think that out of these millions of people, not one would be using the same thing or having the same ideas. It’s not a matter of trying to steal something. It just happens. Let’s let it go that way.

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