Free Pattern: Dish Towel Hangers

Hey everyone! Today, I have a FREE crochet pattern for you! 😀 This is easy enough for beginners and make a great gift paired with the best crocheted potholders ever!
These are a nice alternative to the crocheted towel toppers that are permanently stuck to the towels. Keep reading for the pattern. 🙂

What You’ll Need:
Size H/8 Crochet Hook
Any sort of cotton yarn (I used I Love This Cotton! in Aubergine)
2 3/4in. Buttons
Yarn needle for weaving in ends
You’ll Need To Know:
Slip Stitch
SC (Single Crochet – US)
HDC (Half Double Crochet – US)
Magic Ring
Here we go!
Magic ring, Ch 2, HDC 30 in the ring. Join with a slip stitch. Ch 2, turn.
HDC in the same stitch, and the next 7 (8 HDC total). Ch 2. Turn.
HDC 7 more rows, for a total of 8 rows.
At the end of your 8th HDC row, only Ch 1. SC 3 more rows.
At the end of your 3rd SC row, do not chain any, do not fasten off. Continue your SCs around until you reach the beginning of the last SC row. Fasten off, weave in the ends.
Attach your button in the middle of your SC rows and you’re done! Now you just have to button them on your oven handle and slide your towels through the hole.
Make a couple potholders to go with ’em. Go ahead. It could bring an extra color pop to your kitchen that you may need, or make a set of these with potholders and give them as a gift! Plus, they’re WASHABLE! I wouldn’t suggest using acrylic yarn, because if wet and not dried properly, they can collect mold and gunk and stuff and bleh.
Feel free to use this pattern to make stuff to bring in some monayyyy, but please credit back to my pattern if you do. And please don’t claim it to be your own. I get that great minds think alike, so there’s probably the exact same pattern or something about identical out there. I’m not trying to take credit away from anyone. Just tried my hand at it and this is what I came up with. Works for me. 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy this!

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33 Responses to Free Pattern: Dish Towel Hangers

  1. Kristen says:

    Awesome pattern! Just whipped mine up! I'll post on Ravelry later today. Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

  2. The Ninja says:

    No problem! Glad you like the pattern! 😀

  3. Barbara Hebert says:

    I liked the pattern it was nice and easy

  4. Sharon Schatz says:

    I don’t understand the Magic Ring concept since you are leaving an open ring to place the towel, how many chains would I make to start this project? I really want to start these asap.

    • The Ninja says:

      I would ch 30, join, and continue on that way. The thing with using the magic circle here is that even when you pull it tight, it won’t close all the way and will still leave a hole for threading the towel through.

    • Zenaida Pinero says:

      I chained 16 chains, slip stitched it together then did the 30 hdc inside the ring and completed as directed. Haven’t figured out the magic ring without a tutorial.

      • The Ninja says:

        Honestly, I don’t think it matters if you chain or use a magic ring. I just prefer the ring because I feel like I get more control than when I chain. I have a really bad habit of things not coming out right in my chains, so I try to avoid them at all costs.

  5. Heather Stafford says:

    I am at a loss as well with the Magic ring. I looked up a tutorial on this site and it has a closed circle. I see your previous response addresses my question but I am still confused. I started by wrapping around my finger three times, and pulling through the loops, slip stitch and get my finger out. Then do I do 30 single stitches in the ring? If so, that is small. If I do a chain of 30, how do I connect back to the magic ring starting point? I am sorry that I don’t understand.

    • The Ninja says:

      Hi Heather!

      I had no issue with the size after using the magic ring. An alternative to doing the magic ring would be to chain 30, HDC 30 around the ring, join, chain 2, turn, and go from there.

      When I use the magic ring, though, I’ll HDC the 30 into the ring, and I won’t pull the magic ring tight. My hole ends up around 1 – 1 1/2 inches, which is perfect for me.

      I hope this helps!

      • Jeane Salmeron says:

        Hi! Guess I was interpreting the magic ring as crocheting sc tightly around a plastic ring to get the opening!It Made sense to me because I have done chain pulls, shade pulls and earrings all with the plastic rings! Also some things that are meant to hang on wall. I would not think that doing a ring just with thread would be difficult—I have also done flowers that way. I really love the idea of the hangers because they can stay attached to the handle and only the towel has to be taken out to wash. So easy to get that done—but would have to find rings large enough for towels to thread thru/ Have you tried with them>

      • The Ninja says:

        Hi Jeane! I haven’t tried with rings, but I had one commenter mention using pony tail holders and I think that sounds like a great idea!

  6. yayamama56 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I noticed you recommend not using acrylic yarn…what did or would you use? Is cotton ok?

  7. Arley-Ann says:

    LOVE this pattern! Instead of doing a magic ring, I crocheted around a thick ponytail holder 🙂 Turned out great!

  8. Deanna says:

    I love the idea of the pony tail holder!! I made one of these awhile ago and the whole kind of stretched out, not a pattern problem, a crocheting problem. 🙂 Thank you for the pattern!!

  9. Roberta says:

    the site said that you can crochet AND knit these but there is no knitting patter for it….can you send me a knitting pattern for these as i do not know how to crochet. you can send it to my email at Thank you in advance 🙂

    • The Ninja says:

      Hey there! I do knit some, but I don’t have a knit pattern for these. However, if I find someone who is willing to knit a version, I’ll gladly send it your way! 🙂

  10. Joan says:

    Awesome idea. Have been making towel hangers with crocheted top and hate it when the towel wears out and you have to throw away the topper. I will definitely be using this pattern, so easy and great tutorial.

    • The Ninja says:

      I wanted to try making the toppers for towels, but I could’t get over the idea of having to remake them as I bought new towels. And I can say that after a year, these hangers are STILL holding their own through the kids and me and the husband and animals and guests and..well, the list goes on and on. Hope you like them! 🙂

  11. Sarah says:

    The pony tail is really easy! Works very nice

  12. Deb says:

    what is the magic circle in your crochet kitchen towel holder pattern ? Can’t figure that out.

  13. Michele says:

    I am going to try using wooden rings that I have leftover from a project do you think that they will work?

  14. Michele says:

    Do you have a video tutorial for this? I learn from watching.

  15. sandra says:

    Hi Heather I did the dish cloth holder added another ring at the other end great little . Invention xx

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  17. Have To say the magic ring got me. So I googled it and once I got that the rest was a breeze! Made the first two out of left over cotton yarn. Thanks again

  18. Sunnie says:

    Love this pattern!! Thank you for sharing it!

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